LED Troffer Panel Ceiling Light 2×4 FT Edge-Lit, 50W (200W Equivalency) Dimmable


Built to last, Hyperikon’s 2×4 LED Troffer Panel Ceiling Light features durable structure which prevents hot spots, shadows, and glare while providing uniform lighting at the same time.  Just like their incandescent and fluorescent equivalents, these energy-efficient panels can be used in lamps, ceiling fans, wall sconces and general overhead lighting. What makes Hyperikon’s LED Troffer Panels different, however, is that they use much less energy, last 10 times longer and give a better, cleaner and higher quality light with an outstanding output of 125 lm/watt. With tens of thousands of hours of maintenance-free performance, our 50W LED panels can replace a fixture with four4 FT fluorescent tubes (200 W equivalent),

$80.00 $130.00