Bily Contoured Top Metal Superyard Black Barrier

 Free standing gate forms a hexagonal enclosed play area.
• Superyard can be used as an extra wide barrier around fireplace, steps, etc. with included wall mounts.
• Made of strong metal with a modern look.
• Configure to accommodate extra wide openings.
• Fits maximum opening of 122.8″ wide, with wall mounted part (5-panel maximum when used as a barrier or gate enclosure).
• Convenient walk through door with childproof double locks for safety.
• One-hand operation and auto-swing close for convenience.
• Built-in stay open feature.
• 29.3″ high vertical design resists climbing.
• Easy set up & easy to detach and fold; compact for storage.
• Great for children and pets.
• 2-panel extension increases superyard to 8-panel hexagonal superyard, or 7-panel barrier to a maximum width of 168.8″.
• Easy to clean, non-toxic finish.
• For children aged 6-24 months.

$90.00 $179.00